Prepping for the Unexpected

Prepping for the Unexpected


We live in volatile times. We’ve become more dependent on the conveniences of life than ever before. Hit a couple buttons or turn a knob or two and soon dinner is ready. Flip a switch and you have lights.  Zip to the store and an array of items are begging to be eaten. Tap your phone and you have the world at your fingertips.

But what happens if one afternoon, in an instant, that all goes away? You’ve been meaning to get gas but your car’s almost on empty and gas stations are shut down. Your debit card won’t work anywhere, and you don’t have much cash on hand. The refrigerator is off so what food you have is going to spoil, you have no working appliances and there’s not much in the cupboard that doesn’t need cooking.

Not only could that happen, with current volatility in the US, it very well might! The big question: What will you do when it does?

We’re building this page, so you have a go to guide on how to be prepared for such an event. Please read, and don’t think it won’t happen to you. We hope it doesn’t… but what if it does?

PRIMAL SURVIVAL is a great resource and guide for you to become prepared. Use what applies to you, and don’t delay, start today! (click on the graphic to go to the site)







Don’t forget to visit our “Are You Prepared for the Next Pandemic” page, for medical supplies and medications you may need.