Become a PCP

Become a PCP

Become a Precinct Committee Person (PCP)

  • A PCP is the grassroots level politician.
  • We make the ground rules.
  • We elect the leadership of our local county’s party.
  • Your only requirement is you must be a registered Republican in Clackamas County for the previous 180 days.
  • Find out almost everything there is about becoming a Precinct Committee Person, (Precinct Committeeman in some states) by clicking on this link Becoming a Precinct Committeeman Step-by-Step – Precinct Strategy.

Once You Become a PCP You Can Find a Committee to Join Where Your Passion Lies. 

  • Education Action – Getting Conservative School Board Members Elected.
  • Election Integrity – Deconstructing Our Current Election System in Favor of Paper Ballots and Hand Counting.
  • Defeat the Tolls – Petitions Need to be Signed to get the Measure on the Ballot.
  • Resolutions, Petitions and Initiatives Committee – Draft any and all Resolutions the Clackamas County Republican Party is in Favor of. 

Or You Can be Boots on the Ground.

  • Going door to door to help the candidates.
  • Helping with events, i.e., the County Fair.
  • Becoming part of our office staff once a week or so.

There’s a ton of volunteer opportunities just waiting for you to step up and join in! 

(Click here for official requirements and a Clackamas County Republican PCP Appointment Form)

File to become an Elected PCP here!