About the NEW CCRP

About the NEW CCRP

The NEW Clackamas County Republican Party!

The NEW Clackamas County Republican Party was born of a group of activists, Precinct Committee Persons or “PCP”’s, who couldn’t sit idly by and watch the greatest country on the face of the earth be relegated to the dustbin of fascism and socialism.

The Democrats, the Progressives, the Left are proving themselves to be a godless movement. They jeer at the mere mention of God in their meetings and their tenets actually direct themselves at either destroying or perverting God’s creation. 

Abortion, their number one priority, is obviously their major tenet designed to destroy God’s greatest creation. Other tenets go after our children in schools with teachers telling them that God made a mistake when He made them, but with drugs and surgery they can become their own gods and make things right where God has failed them.

Progressives preach to our children that God did not make us all equal, but He divided us and our abilities by skin color, as taught by their Critical Race Theory. Some colors are born to oppress, some are born to be oppressed and life must be lived under their colored directives. 

They pervert God’s design of marriage from one man to one woman, to man to man and woman to woman.

The list of who you are and what you’re allowed to say or believe is dictated by the Left. That list is constantly updated and if you disagree with any of it, you’re punished. You may be sued or lose your job, as many have, for something as minor as not using a correct pronoun. You will certainly be labeled and put in many categories, most all of them ending with the word “phobe”. 

The fact is, they hate God, and they hate those that believe that God is not only our Creator but the highest authority there is.  Because if one believes that, they don’t believe Democrats are the ultimate authority and it makes it very difficult for Democrats to rule. 

So, we America First activists decided that it was either God or them and we went with God. We, as elected PCP’s, voted out the prior leadership whose only goal was to elect more republicans. We voted in leadership those whose goal is to give government back to “WE the People”, take back our seat at the table and right the wrongs that are being perpetrated on society.

We aren’t naive in believing we can bring our county, our state and our nation all back to morality and sanity easily or quickly, but we do believe that we can do it and we will do it, one victory at a time. 

We know that if we don’t take on this challenge it won’t get done and we will leave a legacy for which future generations will never be able to forgive us.

With that being said, we believe we have the perseverance, the strength and the resolve, no matter how long it takes, no matter the sacrifice it takes, to win this war. We believe in God’s battle that it’s HIS people that will stand victorious in the end. 

That’s what the NEW, America First Republican Party is “About”, and that’s what you landed on this page to find out.

We’re excited. We’ve made a lot of friends on this journey and would like you to be one of them. If you’re an America First Patriot, interested in becoming part of the NEW Republican Party, please give us a call at 503 303-7312, we’d love to talk to you, because patriots like you are what this movement is all “About”.