A Crisis of Confidence in Our Elections

A Crisis of Confidence in Our Elections

Some consider the stolen 2020 election, providential. God exposing the lying, cheating entity His country has become. God detests uneven scales, and to Him, lying is an abomination. 

Oregon’s Mail In Ballot System is a leader in that deception. Layer after layer has been built into the system that provides easier and easier access to manipulation. Our election system is the foundation of the fraud in our state, and if we don’t change it, we are doomed to continue as the bastion of everything that is wrong for its citizens, from the title of Sanctuary State, allowing illegals special courtesies including limited prosecution for crimes, to the butchering of our children under the label “Gender Affirming Care“.

It’s time for the people’s voice to be heard. We do not accept this system. Elections belong to the people, the government has hijacked our system for its own personal gain, and we want it back!

The recording here is in the process of being played over a loudspeaker in front of the Elections Office in Oregon City, during the workday, Monday through Friday. We don’t know how far this will go in achieving our goal of dismantling the current system, but until that happens, they will know we will never accept the current system’s results regardless of who wins. 

There is a movement all across America for “in person, precinct, paper ballot voting, hand counted with NO machines“. Oregon needs to be in on that movement!

This message played on loudspeakers in front of the Elections Office here in Clackamas, and the Capitol in Salem is the beginning of that movement. 

The message is 10min 31sec in length. It will be played over and over and over. Please listen. You will probably discover things about our mail in ballot system of which you were not aware. The system must change!!!