Are You Prepared for the Next Pandemic?

Are You Prepared for the Next Pandemic?

There was a time not long ago when it would have been unthinkable that our government would ever ban access to life-saving drugs. The COVID -19 Pandemic, however, opened our eyes to just how far our government would go to accomplish an unthinkable goal. 
Safe and effective early treatment protocols, like the use of Ivermectin paired with doxycycline or hydroxychloroquine paired with azithromycin were banned by the FDA, and vilified by many in the medical establishment and media who were far more concerned about protecting big pharma’s bottom line and the Globalist’s agenda than they were in protecting the lives of Americans.
There are more and more of those saying that another pandemic is coming. After the evil we’ve seen of the bio-engineered COVID-19, one might be foolish not to believe them.
These early treatment protocols, pioneered by Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Zev Zelenko and others, that proved so effective in the last pandemic, may be your best line of defense against future pandemics.

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