Election Integrity

Election Integrity


Election Integrity is the process of assuring every ballot is legally procured, securely cast, counted, and applied as the voter expected.

Today the Republican party stands at a make-or-break moment in history. We see the ruling class in Washington DC and in every state, constantly chip away at voter’s rights, manipulating elections to a predetermined outcome.

There is no legitimate argument against the fact that there are large scale issues with our present-day election system, with lack of transparency as a major concern. We as a nation are transitioning elections in the absolute wrong direction with our elected officials working in direct opposition to the will of the people.

Control of this country rests with integrity of elections. The Clackamas County Republican Party will not cease in our effort to correct and change our current election trajectory in order to achieve that which we all desire, a government by the consent of the governed.

Glenn Lancaster / Chair – Election Integrity Committee

To become involved with Election Integrity contact Glenn Lancaster at [email protected]