Initiatives of Concern

Initiatives of Concern

Initiatives, the way they are written, are often complex issues. While there are many initiatives of interest, our CCRP Initiatives, Resolutions and Petitions Committee has chosen to focus on the few presented below. The Committee does their best to summarize and offer an opinion that would pertain to the bias of our party. For the full spectrum of initiatives including viewing actual initiative text, you can go to “State of Oregon – Initiatives, Referendums and Referrals

The initiatives below are approved by the Secretary of State to circulate. Our CCRP Committee has provided the name of the initiative given by the Chief Petitioners and the ballot title as determined by the state.

IP 4 New Tolls Require Regional Voter Approval
Ballot title: Amends Constitution: Prohibits “highway” (defined) fees/tolls after December 31, 2017, unless voters in nearby counties approve

This Constitutional Amendment would require a vote in all counties within 15 miles of a toll before the toll goes into operation for all roads, bridges, highways interstates and viaducts for all vehicles, cars, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles. It also requires transparency about where the toll money will be spent. This initiative affects all tolls not yet in operation by 1-1-2018.

IP 5 Open Enrollment Amendment
Ballot title: Amends Constitution: Parent May select any K-12 public/ charter school; priority for residents, returning students; admissions lottery

This Constitutional Amendment allows parents to choose which K-12 public/charter school setting is best for their children. If there are more applicants to a given school than spaces available, an equitable lottery will be used. The Clackamas County Republican Party recommends signing Initiative Petition 5 and voting “Yes” for it on the 2024 ballot.

IP 6 School Choice Amendment
Ballot title: Amends Constitution: State funds provided for private, religious, homeschool, tuition/expenses when parent declines K-12 public school

This Constitutional Amendment allows a parent of any child who is not attending public school a K-12 public school to choose a non-profit organization to manage a School Choice Account receiving 80% of the Basic School Support Finding amount (from the state General Fund that goes to public schools) to be used for private or home schooling or other education expenses. Any funds not used by graduation from high school could be used for tuition/books for any college/university/vocational/trade school in Oregon.

To read the entire text of each initiative, go to “State of Oregon – Initiatives, Referendums and Referrals