Clackamas County Republican Party Platform

Clackamas County Republican Party Platform

The Clackamas County Republican Party is considered by many to be the most active Republican Party in the State of Oregon. Realizing the Oregon Republican Party, the ORP, has a general platform for the state, the CCRP wants to be more definitive for our particular county effort. With that in mind, these are the planks, written and voted by the Clackamas County Republican Party.


  1. We Believe that only properly-registered American citizens have the right to vote. To achieve trust, truth, and transparency, we must return to same-day voting to include voter ID, paper ballot, and a hand-counting system with no machines involved. We call for the termination of mail-in voting, with exceptions for absentee voting.
  1. We Believe our borders should be secured immediately to restore a fair, functional, and legal immigration system to remain a sovereign nation. We expect our leaders to focus on criminal and security issues at home and the defense of our nation.
  1. We Believe all people are created equal regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, religion, or creed. We believe people should be treated with dignity, respect, and the content of their character.  We oppose all policies that do not recognize these constitutional rights.
  1. We Believe the American family is the foundation of our society. It is a parental right to choose the school and environment for their child’s education and health.  All topics intertwined with SEL (Social Emotional Learning), and its special interest groups based on color and/or sexuality have no place in a K-12 education system and must be removed, and any funding should be suspended.
  1. We Believe the Second Amendment right to bear arms is sacred to the constitution and the right of the people. Any infringement is an attempt by the Government to disarm its citizens, making them vulnerable to crime and governmental control. 
  1. We Believe in the First Amendment, exercising freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the right to peacefully assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances, is sacred to the foundation of America. The government is constitutionally prohibited from policing or censoring speech based on religious convictions or beliefs.  Yet this is currently being violated by the government and its allies, as seen in social media and the press to imprison those with opposing political views.  Our greatest priority is to expedite the freedom of unjustly imprisoned citizens.
  1. We Believe in obeying laws and supporting our police. Unelected judges and bureaucrats should not be governing our people. We do not support “catch and release” policies that allow lawlessness, the degradation of our cities, escalating homelessness and drug usage and its subsequent ramifications.  We intend to elect leaders who will uphold their oath of office that will bring back law and order to our state and nation.
  1. We Believe that all mandates imposing executive orders should be reviewed. If deemed counterproductive to the public’s health and well-being or in violation of the fundamental constitutional protective freedoms of all Americans, no one should be forced to comply.
  1. We Believe human life at any age should be protected, and public funds should not be used to promote or perform abortions.
  1. We Believe in responsible maintenance of our environment. Climate change follows a natural pattern determined by natural forces and that it is not significantly affected by human activity.  Any attempt to exploit “climate change” diverts critical assets away from essential activities needed to protect our environment.
  1. We Believe economic growth is the means whereby we improve American standards of living and produce added resources for national security and essential public services.  Free markets and competitive enterprise are the most creative and productive forms of economic order, with less government interference including central banking, regulations, and taxation.  We are for balancing the federal deficit and transparency and accountability in government spending.
  1. We Believe and embrace the American First Grassroots Movement, and we expect our candidates to support our strong conservative values and Republican platform.