PCP Requirements

PCP Requirements

Briefly what is a PCP (I don’t like to read long descriptions)

In Oregon, there is a representative position known as the Precinct Committee Person (PCP). The PCP is a large driving force in the organization of local parties. Precinct Committee Persons (or PCPs) are the entry-level officials of the Oregon Republican Party (ORP.) They represent the people that live within their precinct to their county Republican Party.

Each PCP is a voting member of the Central Committee in their county party, and the Central Committee in each county is authorized to make all decisions relating to its county party. As a Republican PCP, you will be voting on official Party business such as your county bylaws, resolutions, as well as electing county Party leadership and Platform Convention delegates.

What can I do as a PCP?

  • Vote at your county Central Committee Meetings
  • Nominate candidates for Republican vacancies in the state legislature or county commission
  • Participate in ORP Platform Conventions
  • Elect County Central Committee Officers (elected PCPs only)
  • Elect delegates to the State Central Committee
  • Lobby elected officials
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Act as a resource whom voters in your precinct can contact for assistance
  • Build community (imagine all your new friends are America First Patriots!)

How can I become a PCP?

To be eligible for the office of PCP, you must have a current, active voter registration in the State of Oregon, and you must have been a registered Republican for at least 180 days in any state (with exceptions for voters who are applying within 180 days of their 18th birthday). Your County Elections Office will review and certify the eligibility of all persons seeking the role of PCP.

It’s that easy! Want to fill out a form and send it to us? Just click, fill and mail!  REPUBLICAN PRECINCT COMMITTEE PERSON APPOINTMENT REQUEST FORM

At the same time, you can file to be an “ELECTED PCP” here!