Tucker Didn’t Know He Was Giving His Farewell Speech

Tucker Didn’t Know He Was Giving His Farewell Speech

There’s been much speculation as to what was the last straw between Tucker Carlson and Rupert Murdoch. After reading countless theories since Tucker’s departure, the one that makes the most sense to many was when he gave his keynote speech at the Heritage Foundation’s 50th Anniversary gala on April 21st.

It was in that speech that Tucker defined where he stood and what the war between the Right and Left is really about. Tucker acknowledged that it is indeed a spiritual war, that the Left is evil and we as Americans should take at least ten minutes and pray for the country every day. It’s been rumored that this is the reason the Rupert Murdoch felt Tucker had to go. This is Tucker’s speech in its entirety.

Tucker ultimately will not be silenced, and for those of us that hold the same beliefs, neither will we.

(click below to watch Tucker Carlson’s speech)