The House Republican office release a statement regarding Transparency at the State Capital for the upcoming Legislative Session. House Republicans are asking for the following items to be added to make the session more transparent. Here is the link to the full Statement.

House Republicans requested additional good government provisions to improve transparency, fairness and accountability including: Require amendments to be posted for 24 hours for public review before adoption.  Prohibit drafting of committee bills, to allow all members equal access to the legislative process, instead of advantaging committee chairs over other committee members.  Allow for debate when a measure is withdrawn from committee.  Limit the power of the Speaker to send bills to committees for political purposes by specifying what issues are associated with each committee in rule and allowing committee referrals to be appealed on the floor.  Allow the Minority Leader to appoint Minority Party members to committees.  Allow Minority Reports in all committees, except Ways and Means.

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