March 1,2021

To the Redistricting Committee:

State law requires that congressional and state legislative districts meet the following criteria:[32]

·         Districts must be contiguous.

·         Districts must “utilize existing geographic or political boundaries.”

·         Districts should not “divide communities of common interest.”

·         Districts should “be connected by transportation links.”

·         Districts “must not be drawn for the purpose of favoring a political party, incumbent or other person.”

I have lived in the City of Happy Valley for 29 years. Before the year 2000, the entire city of Happy Valley was  able to vote with other Clackamas County Voters for our representatives in Congress. Since then, we have been divided in several ways to vote with Multnomah County voters. This has also happened to our neighbors in the cities of Damascus, Boring, Sandy and Estacada. This has violated our rights in all five areas listed above as required by Oregon State Law.

1. The City of Happy Valley, Damascus, Boring, Sandy and Estacada are contiguous with the citizens in each county. We vote on all kinds of citywide and county measures that effect us.

2. Our geographic boundaries are our city and county boundaries. Please respect our boundaries.

3. Our communities of common interest are in our cities and county issues. Therefore we desire a representative to represent us who lives and works in Clackamas County. Our issues are NOT the same as Multnomah County. We have no vote for District Attorney and/or the enforcement of the laws of Multnomah County. Our Clackamas County citizens value the Constitution of Oregon, enforcement of existing laws and fair representation elected by the people who live in our county.

4. The Transportation Links are voted on by our Clackamas County Commissioners. We want to be in the District with ALL of Clackamas County voters.

5. Happy Valley, Boring, Damascus, Sandy, and Estacada want to be able to vote with Clackamas County voters and want to be represented by a person who shares our values and considers our concerns. WE do not want to be sectioned off into Multnomah County for any political purpose such as keeping the current incumbent in officeWE want to vote with other members of our county and have felt for years that the division of our cities into alliances with the majority of Multnomah County voters nullifies our votes. PLEASE put ALL Clackamas County voters together in a district that respects the Rule of Law of Oregon and the geographical, political, transportation, and common interest boundaries of Clackamas County as is required by law.

Thank you for your consideration.

Very respectfully,

Rachel Janzen

Happy Valley, Clackamas County, and Community Volunteer

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