The Role of the Precinct Committee Person

Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) are the heart and soul of the Oregon Republican Party. PCPs are the most basic level of elected partisan office in the state and form the backbone of the County Republican organizations.

PCPs get their name from the geographic boundaries known as “precincts” which are determined by the state.

PCP ToolKit

CCRP Bylaws

Reasons for being a PCP

Precinct Committee Persons “put a face” on the Republican party in their neighborhoods and community, help elect local Party leaders and set the agenda for the Republican Party in their county; they care passionately about politics, current events and issues within their communities and government and how they affect their communities, families and future generations; they stay informed about issues and Party events, acquaint themselves with the candidates and Party leaders; they participate in election activities and volunteer to help elect Republican candidates.

The Power of Republican PCPs in Oregon

As with any volunteer organization, the Oregon Republican Party’s strength comes from the people who make up the Party. Our Party is only as strong as our base. PCPs serve as the base for the Oregon Republican Party.

PCPs are involved at all levels of the Oregon Republican Party from recruiting volunteers and determining leadership at the county level to selecting the state’s representation at the national level and especially helping Republican candidates across the finish line to victory.

With a strong roster of active and involved PCPs helping the Party, we will have stronger County Parties, a more influential State Party and more Republican victories at the polls. These victories start with a good plan and a good people to help execute it.

The Authority of PCPs in Oregon

The PCP works within the structure of the RNC and ORP ByLaws and Rules, the CCRP ByLaws and Standing Rules, and the Oregon State Statutes. Precinct Committee Persons statutory authority is provided in ORS 248.015 to 248.029. The ORP and the CCRP abide by those statutes. A copy of those statutes can be found in Appendix A.

PCP Application

Becoming a PCP is easy…Download the application, fill in the form, and return it to us.

Application Form

You will most likely need to file form SEL 105 with Clackamas County.  Contact us to learn more about the process.

SEL 105 form for PCP Elections

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