Meet Our School Board Candidates

Meet Our School Board Candidates

It is an absolute must to get America First Conservative Candidates into our School Boards.

These are our candidates:

Canby School District – Dawn Depner, Stefani Carlson and Lori Boatright, Joolin Rice, Mark Bigej

Colton School District –  William Eric Dilg, Sid Gunter Jr

Estacada School District – John Walper, Ben Wheeler, Ken Riedel

Gladstone School District – Steve Johnson, Glenda Sherer, Clark Wolfe, Dain P Cason

Molalla River School District – Linda J Eskridge, Rob Cummings, Neal Lucht, Craig Loughridge, Mitche Graf

North Clackamas School District – Tara Nelson, Courtneigh Swerzbin, Aimee Reiner, Angela Pederson

Oregon City School District – Jacqueline Arn, Andy Holthouse, Steve Masone

Oregon Trail School District – Jeff Michael, Jeffery Grandi

West Linn-Wilsonville School District – Rob Zundel, Ajax Moody, Amy Nichols

This is the Basic Platform they’re running on: 

  • Return to Basic Education. Reading, writing, math, science and more physical activity (PE).
  • Eliminate Comprehensive Sex Education.  “CSE” has gone to an entire new level of grooming kids into sexual activity early, often and with whomever. Return to teaching human anatomy with basic reproduction. 
  • Removal of Clubs That Promote Sex. Promoting sex in schools at any age by any organization is unacceptable.
  • Removal of Critical Race Theory. “CRT” has been integrated into every aspect of education and is designed to divide our children by skin color, pit races against one another and return us to the days of segregation. That is not America! Critical Race Theory in schools must stop! 
  • Transgender Ideology Must Go. Gender Dysphoria is an emotional disorder, perpetuated in today’s schools and as a result, reports have shown a sharp rise in “Transgender” young people. This mutilation of the mind and body with drugs and surgeries must absolutely cease!
  • No Political Flags. According to ORS 339.875, only the flag of the United States of America and the flag of Oregon State should fly.  Political flags, banners or slogans of any kind should not be displayed.
  • U.S. History Taught with Accuracy. The United States of America is the best country on Earth but it’s not perfect. History is based in truth, not emotion. We can’t learn to go forward by teaching an inaccurate past.
  • The United States Declaration of Independence states, that all are created equal. Today’s Schools must stop creating “Protected Classes”!
  • Parents must be allowed to have oversight of their child’s school and schools must be transparent in that respect. The School Board works for “We the People”, the people do not work for the School Board. 

We need help in all aspects of getting these patriots elected!

If you’re in one of these School Districts, please call the office, 503 303-7312, to find out how you can help. You can do as much or as little as you wish but every bit helps! Please visit the “Let’s Meetup!menu for times and locations.