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A Gathering of Leaders

Dan Tooze, when he was running for Vice Chair, made a commitment to hold instructional meetings for PCP’s / House Captains on purpose, methods and goals. Dan said at the time he didn’t even know what that might be because he was never taught, but said he would learn and pass it on.


Dan was elected Vice Chair and always a man of his word, made it his first point of business to do just that.


I wanted to pass this along to the entire CCRP to show that we are indeed, the “NEW” Clackamas County Republican Party. Engagement and involvement leading to victory!


Vice Chair Dan Tooze led the meeting, Renel Muro took the minutes.


Great work to all who attended. This is exactly why other counties are looking to us as leaders in bringing government back to “We the People”


Rick Riley


Clackamas County Republican Party

Office: 503-303-7312

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