State Senator Alan Olsen: Special Session, A Self Created Emergency

On Wednesday, The Governor issued a proclamation calling lawmakers to convene May 21 in Salem. A legislative joint committee is expected to begin hearings on her tax plan next Wednesday. "According to a recent analysis by state economists, more than 75 percent of the benefit from Brown's tax plan would go to people who earn at least $200,000 a year." The kicker is that they estimate this tax break from the very recent tax increase she just signed into law will only benefit roughly 9000 Sole proprietor businesses out of the hundreds of thousands who just got their raw deal. My Democrat colleagues and Kate Brown really have their priorities all mixed up when it comes to supporting small businesses which are the backbone of Oregon's economy. Back in February as the 2018 short session was getting underway the House Democrats released their session agenda listing their top priorities with one being "Strengthening Our Economy" and to create a friendlier small business environment for Oregon. They stated "Every Oregonian should have the ability to achieve their American dream. That is why we will work to boost small businesses ..We are committed to advocating for policies that level the playing field " So what did they do to help foster a small business-friendly environment that in turn would also "strengthen our economy? They did the opposite and raised taxes on Oregon small businesses putting a bigger strain on them financially and hindering their ability to grow or succeed. Did they promote policies that "level the playing field?" No. They did the exact opposite once again by exempting the Big national C-Corporations from the tax increase SB 1528 imposed on the little guys. while making sure the big guys their Federal Tax break while also maintaining a lower business tax rate. Now they are proposing a tax break that is eligible to very few Sole proprietors and seems to be beneficial only to those who are already successful in their business and financially well off.