Meet Your Candidate: Representative Jeff Helfrich, House District 52.

Meet Jeff

I have been a public servant for all my adult life, over 30 years. I am your State Representative for House District 52, an Air Force and First Gulf War veteran, former Cascade Locks City Councilor, retired police sergeant and former patrol deputy in Multnomah County, and a devoted husband and father of two very young children. Together we can continue working to meet our District’s needs and achieve our District’s education, economic, housing, environmental, and emergency preparedness goals.


Jeff's Priorities

Bringing People Together. Getting Things Done. As your new lawmaker, I have made fighting for family-wage jobs, improving our schools and protecting our environment my top priorities. These issues matter to me because they matter to you. I will always put the needs of our community ahead of partisan politics and influence of special interests.

Investing in education. As a father of two young children, I understand our kids are our future. I am proud to have sponsored a new law that will put a renewed focus on recruiting, retaining and mentoring our teachers. I will always be committed to supporting our students, parents and educators.

Supporting economic growth. Small businesses form the backbone of our economy. As a member of the House Committee on Economic Development and Trade, I have advocated for policies that will help develop and grow businesses in our community. Attracting stable, good-paying jobs to our District will continue to be a high priority.

Protecting our environment. Mt. Hood. Multnomah Falls. Some of the most beautiful sights in the Nation are in our District. We have a responsibility to preserve these wonders for future generations to enjoy. I look forward to continuing my work with local and State leaders to promote sustainability and stewardship in our communities.

Planning for emergencies. As a retired law enforcement officer and military veteran, the safety and security of communities is always on my mind. As your State Representative, I helped secure funding for the local Sheriff's offices for Eagle Creek Fire recovery training and equipment.

Source: Jeff Helfrich, State Representative website