Here is the status of the Gov. recall.
On Monday morning July 15, ORP Chair Bill Courier filed recall documentation. It was filed 181 days after Brown took office, the first legal day to file. That started the 90 day clock started yesterday.
At 7pm 15 July the ORP Exec committee voted whether or not to support the recall. The vote was 15 yes, 2 abstain.

The next 90 days will require your action.

The Petition:
A link to the the 10-Signature Recall Petition is attached to this email.’2′,’3′,’4’%5D/raw?appid=YMailNorrin&ymreqid=31ed9ea2-141d-fff9-1c8f-24001101df00&token=zitEzqOML3j84e6ealFTT5U7-km5qEQF52lp7AcCuBbTO4W8kxY1Ueh8R45iWgb1zIv3WeXdl01JwdyY_Ms20f90D96y4RAIcgnhJnhsqA2lUBMaMV3e1ZCSfuwAq2vZ

Note: If you received petitions from another source that did NOT have Chairman Currier’s signature, please destroy them and do not use them, they aren’t valid!) Please read all of the instructions below and don’t hesitate to ask of you have more questions.
-Make sure when you print the petition, that it is on 20 pound (common printer paper), 8 ½” x 11” uncoated white paper. (NO variants allowed)
-Print the cover sheet and signature sheet back to back on one piece of paper. (NO variants allowed)
-Make sure to have signature gatherers read and understand the Instructions for Circulators on the cover sheet
-Never certify (sign and date at the bottom) until you are done with the page. (10 signatures are not needed to finish the page.) The certified date must be after the last date signed.
-Always ask potential signers if they are a registered Oregon voter before they sign. (give them a Voter Reg card or get them online to the Sec of State website to immediately register.)
-Mail petitions back to ORP at the office: 752 Hawthorne Ave NE, Salem OR 97301
Please remember, only folks registered to vote in Oregon can sign the petition. If they aren’t registered to vote when you’re collecting signatures, don’t have them sign the petition. You should always carry voter registration cards with you, particularly for those wanting to RE-REGISTER as Republicans.

You may also get petitions mailed to you by sending an email to Send your name, address, and how many petitions you’d like sent.

We have 90 days to execute the recall signature gathering. It will take every PCP to take ACTION, and it will take everyone the PCP knows to recruit to get those signatures.

Press Release June 21, 2019

Press Release
June 21, 2019. 12:50pm
Clackamas County Republican Party stands in support of Senate walkout.

Oregon’s 11 Republican Senators have chosen to leave the state and deny a quorum for conducting business. We applaud this action because we have seen what the Democrat super majority can do to us. “They are not doing a good job of listening to ALL of Oregon” (Senator Herman Baertschiger)
So far, they’ve passed 2 billion dollars in sales taxes, something voters have already said “no” to with ballot measure 97, a health care tax has been passed and they’ve even taken part of our kicker away.
HB2020 is a horrible piece of legislation and Senate Republicans “can’t be participating in legislation that we know will devistate Oregonians” (Senator Herman Baertschiger)
But cap and trade isn’t the only reason for this walk out. It is about an unwillingness from the other side to negotiate. It is about unnecessary emergency clauses that hinder the citizens right to refer measures that hurt our businesses and families. It is about denial of testimony from people who come from miles away and want to have a voice in this process. The Senate Republicans are our last line of defense against the dangerous legislation being railroaded through this session. We are happy to see them stand strong and we stand behind them. If they don’t, and the super majority gets its way, they will render this state unaffordable for families to live here.

Traci Hensley
Clackamas County Republican Party

BCC VRF Resolution


Resolution of the Clackamas County Republican Party


WHEREAS members of the Clackamas County Republican Party believe that a fee charged to the people by a government entity is a tax; and

WHEREAS members of the Clackamas County Republican Party believe that any taxation should be voted on by the citizens being taxed; and

WHEREAS members of the Clackamas County Republican Party believe that a fee enacted without a vote of the people would constitute taxation without representation;

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the Clackamas County Republican Party Central Committee opposes the vehicle registration fee that the Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners recently voted to enact and calls for the fee to be referred to the voters.