The Future of Oregon is in the Voter’s Hands

The future of Oregon is teetering on the edge of a Democrat “Super Majority” in both the State Senate and State House. What this means is dominance and absolute single party control. The Democrats could pass any legislation they desire without a single Republican vote. The Democrat agenda would be absolute with no recourse: new and higher taxes, gun control and confiscation, infringement on one’s personal beliefs, and much, much more.

The future of Oregon is in the hands of the Voter’s hands. This unchecked control in Oregon’s Senate and House can be stopped. It will require voters who normally do not vote to vote. It will require voters to vote their entire ballot, not just the top. And, it will require voters to vote for non-Democrat candidates who have a reasonable chance of winning their race.

Whether you like it or not, the Governor elected on Tuesday will be Pro-Choice. There is no question about that. The choice you do have as a voter, do you want a Governor who supports government funded abortions or not? Knute Buehler, the Republican candidate, does not support government funded abortions, nor does he support late term abortions. Kate Brown, however, supports both late term and government funded abortions.

Kate Brown has also made it clear, in her words, “Gun Safety”, but what she means, “gun control and confiscation” are priority items. She fully intends to strip away even more rights of Oregon gun owners. Buehler has been accused of being anti 2nd Amendment. His voting record as a legislator has proved this to be not true. Most of the gun legislation brought before the house he has voted to protect the gun owner’s rights. As a voter, do you want more rights removed?

There are other races on your ballot that are just as important: Senate, House, City Mayors and Councilors, state measures and more.

Because Oregon is on the cusp of un-checked control from a Democrat legislation, it is imperative that Republican legislators be elected. We, as voters, must as ourselves, do we want more and higher taxes, do we want our veterans take a back seat to those living here in Oregon illegally from other countries, and do we want our personal beliefs held in check? If the answer is no, voters must vote for the Republican Senate and House candidate to keep the Democrat agenda under control.

Republican candidates will need Independent, non-Affiliate Voters, Constitutionalists, Green and all the other parties support. Yes, even the support of Democrat voters. Many of our state legislators continue to be elected in Democrat controlled districts, so it can be done. Even Dennis Richardson won an office not held by a Republican for many, many years.

We all have personal beliefs, we all have pride and we all have convictions. But we all must be realistic as well. In Oregon, only a Republican or Democrat will be elected to a state office. It has nothing to do with beliefs, prejudices or politics. It is as simple as numbers. Democrats, Republicans and non-affiliated make up the vast majority of registered voters. To end the tyrannical rule of the Democrats in Oregon, ballots must be cast for Republicans. Votes for any other candidate or party virtually guarantees a Democrat controlled legislation.

All votes are important.

Vote for the Republican candidate to stop the Democrat agenda.

Remember, the future of Oregon is in the voter’s hands.


About the Author: Ron Le Blanc is the Past Chair of the Clackamas County Republican Party. He is also a small business owner and a retired Deputy Sheriff.

Standard Disclaimer: The opinions stated by the author may not be those of the Clackamas County Republican Party

Clackamas County Republican Party Votes to Oppose IP-43 and IP-44

Oregon City, OR – The Clackamas County Republican Party, at its quarterly Central Committee Meeting on April 21, 2018, voted unanimously to oppose IP-43 and IP-44.

The Initiative Petitions being circulated in Oregon would define ALL semi-automatic rifles as “assault weapons”, prohibiting any future sales in Oregon. They would also require current owners of any semi-automatic rifle to either submit to a background check and register the rifle, or turn it in to law enforcement, make it inoperable or destroy it.

The same would be held true for ANY magazine capable of holding 11 or more rounds of ammunition. EACH magazine would be required to be registered and the owner would be required to submit to a background check to keep a magazine they already own.

The Clackamas County Republican Party has continued to support candidates who believe in and support the gun rights of every citizen as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The Oregon Firearms Federation assigned a grade to each candidate in the 2018 Primary Election. This grade is based upon the results of a survey sent to each candidate and voting history of current legislators. The grades assigned by OFF can be found on their website at

“With a statewide coordinated effort, with lots of hard work, with the right message to the right people, we will stop, now and in the future, Oregon’s liberal and unconstitutional attempt to take away our right to own and possess guns as guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment of our US Constitution,” said Ron Le Blanc, Past Chair of the Clackamas County Republican Party.

The Clackamas County Central Committee is the highest party authority in the county and has sole authority to adopt rules/resolutions for all matters of the Clackamas County Republican Party.

Monday 04/30/2018 6:00 AM PT
Contact CCRP Chair Traci Hensley


For a printable copy CLICK HERE

CCRP Opposes IP-43 & IP-44

During the recent Central Committee Meeting, members of the Clackamas County Republican Party overwhelmingly voted to officially oppose IP-43 and IP-44.

IP-43, claims to ban “Assault Weapons” and “Large Capacity Magazines”. However, in the poorly worded petition, the authors, either knowingly, or unknowingly, defined EVERY semi-automatic rifle as an Assault Weapon. IP-43 would make every law abiding citizen guilty of a felony should they fail to turn their semi-automatic rifle in to law enforcement, sell to an authorized gun dealer, make inoperable, destroy, or register each rifle and submit to a new background check. The same holds true for EVERY magazine you own with a capacity of 11 rounds or more. Each and every one must be registered, and you must submit to a background check to retain your magazines.

IP-44, makes it a felony to “transfer” a weapon without an approved trigger lock or cable. If you transfer a weapon without a trigger lock, you would be liable for any injury caused as a result of the gun for up to 5 years. In other words, you would become responsible for the actions of another person for up to 5 years.

Both of these petitions must be prevented from reaching the November Ballot. Should we succeed in our battle to keep these off the ballot, the creators of IP-43 has vowed to have our legislators to introduce a bill that duplicates this petition. The recent history in Salem has been very pro gun control. Our rights have been stripped little by little over the past several years. Most votes within the Oregon legislation have been along party lines or very close to it, and anti-gun Democrats have controlled our legislation all during this time.

Oregonians must vote in pro 2nd Amendment legislators. The Oregon Firearms Federation has created a “2018 Oregon Primary Candidate Ratings”. Each Candidate is given a grade based upon voting history and response to a survey. you can see the Candidate Grade Card HERE.

It is not hopeless…with a statewide coordinated effort, with lots of hard work, with the right message to the right people, we will stop, now and in the future, Oregon’s liberal and unconstitutional attempt to take away our right to own and possess guns as guaranteed under the 2nd amendment of our US Constitution.


Ron Le Blanc is the Past Chair of the Clackamas County Republican Party. He led the successful battle to stop the City of Lake Oswego in their attempt to implement a gun ban. Ron developed and manages the Facebook page: Your Gun Rights, and was the key speaker at the recent Support the 2nd Rally in Sandy, Oregon.

The opinions of the author at not necessarily those of the Clackamas County Republican Party.