Local Elections Are Important, Too.

A few years ago, I ran for a local office, Mayor of West Linn. I learned during that election that not all citizens within a community believe local offices are important. They support, volunteer, and vote for state and federal candidates, but not their city council or school board.

It is your local politicians: your city council, school board, water boards, and others that directly influence your day to day quality of life within your city. Your city council controls the upkeep and construction of your city streets; they approve, based upon recommendations of the city planning commission, construction of neighborhoods and shopping malls; and the city council negotiates with the various unions representing the city employees over salaries and benefits. All of these and more directly affect your quality of life and the city taxes you pay.

Remember this: your city government cannot control nor regulate such things as Capital Punishment, Right to Life, and regulating the Veterans Administration. They do control how your local city taxes are spent, whether a Marijuana Dispensary is allowed across the street from a school, and what direction the future of the city is headed.

Learn about your local candidates. Support the ones that most closely match your expectations for a city representative, administrator and leader. Support can be as simple as putting a candidate sign in your yard or business, donation of $5.00 or more, writing letters, hosting small/large events at your home/office, or making phone calls in support of your candidate.

Most importantly, VOTE for your local candidates in all elections.

About the author: Ron Le Blanc is the Past Chair of the Clackamas County Republican Party. He has been a guest speaker at schools, meetings and rallies. He has served as a Delegate to the Oregon Republican Party. Ron is also a strong advocate for 2nd Amendment Rights.

Standard Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by the author are not necessarily those of the Clackamas County Republican party.