The legislature changed the law….the Governor and her staff failed to comply with it.

The abuse of her (Governor Kate Brown) office hiding lawful public records, and subsequently delaying or preventing justice for families, is unacceptable.

From the article:
"The delayed, brief review of his death reflects a widespread pattern that has emerged over the past year and a half. Department of Human Services officials have failed to meet legal deadlines to report child deaths and, when they finally have published them, excluded significant facts about most of the children's lives.

The governor's office said it did not ask the child welfare agency to delay reports highlighting the department's involvement in children's deaths."

This is twice in one month we've heard about an issue Governor Brown's office swears they didn't direct agency heads to withhold from the public....but the fact is, an election might look much different if voters had known this truth before their ballots arrived.
And to be clear...these are Governor Brown's hand-picked agency heads. If she really didn't direct them to withhold information from the public, then she should fire them for dereliction of duty.

The families who have lost a child in our DHS system, some of whom now have no redress because of these delays which have expired statutes of limitations, they deserved better than the corruption of a state agency that refuses to do its job or be transparent to the public.

What will the new supermajority do to hold DHS and Governor Brown accountable?

About the Author:
Julie Parrish, Oregon State Representative HD-37 (completing last term), force behind many measures and bills protecting Oregon citizens, students and veterans.

Article sources: Julie Parrish for Oregon District 37 Facebook Page. CLICK HERE
“Burried: The stet hides how children die on Oregon’s watch” Article from The Oregonian: CLICK HERE

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School Districts Pay Consequences from Supporting Health Care Tax


Julie Parrish
District 37

As school districts around the state begin to make staffing cuts for next year, remember, the Oregon School Boards Association and the school superintendents' association, as well as the classified union OSEA and the teacher's union, OEA, championed a sales tax on their health insurance, which wound up costing school districts $25 million in lost education dollars to pay for healthcare taxes.

In big districts like Beaverton and Salem, the taxes are significant enough to mean serious staffing cuts for essential, non-teaching positions like instructional assistants and school nurses.

Rep. Cedric Hayden and I warned that this would happen, and here we are. $1.1 million in cuts (the hit to the Beaverton School District in healthcare sales tax) is about the equivalent of 36 instructional assistants.

Meanwhile, insurance companies are posting profits and asking for double-digit rate increases for 2019.

It is unfathomable to me that a majority of my legislative colleagues were so unwilling to understand the net impact of their decision, rather than seek ways to better manage our healthcare costs using a systems-thinking approach to all of our healthcare dollars.

Next year, I plan on introducing legislation to allow school districts to bill private insurance to recoup the cost of healthcare being delivered in the classroom that should be covered with healthcare dollars, not education dollars. That should restore some parity to the system.

Representative Julie Parrish
State Representative for HD-37


Reprinted from Julie Parrish for Oregon District 37 Facebook Page

Note: Opinions stated are not necessarily those of the Clackamas County Republican Party.