Meet Your Candidate: Senator Kim Thatcher, SD 13

Kim Thatcher has a rare combination of grit and grace. She ran for the legislature because many of her friends, family, and people in the community were not happy with the way state government was run, especially when it was hurting small businesses.[/caption]

At the Oregon State Capitol Kim has earned the reputation for being a strong taxpayer watchdog and advocate for government accountability. She has also been a leader in both the effort to bring sensible immigration policies to our state as well as protecting our Second Amendment rights. Above all else, she has a deep conviction in protecting both the Federal and State Constitutions.

Kim is the owner of two small companies that specialize in the road construction industry. She is the mother of four, grandmother of five, and adoptive mom to three cats and three dogs. For over 30 years, she has been happily married to Karl. She loves to fly small Cessnas when she gets the chance. She has been granted permission by the FAA to fly into clouds, she prefers the beautiful, clear, blue sky days that Oregon can get.


House Business and Labor Committee, member 2013
House Consumer Protection and Government Efficiency, member 2013
House Rural Communities (Formerly Land Use), member 2013
Join Legislative Committee on Audits, Information Management & Technology, member 2013
Joint Legislative Committee on Audits, Information Management & Technology, Co-Chair 2011
Joint Committee on Ways & Means, Member 2011-2012
Joint Committee on Ways & Means Human Services Subcommittee, Co-Vice Chair 2011
State & Local Government Efficiency Task Force, Appointed 2011-2012
Transparency Oregon Advisory Commission, Appointed 2009-present
Electronic Portal Advisory Board, Appointed 2010-present
Help America Vote Act (HAVA) state steering committee
House Business and Labor Committee, Member 2009-2010
House Education Committee, Member 2009-2010
House Sustainability and Economic Development Committee, Member 2009-2010
House Committee on Government Accountability & Information Technology, Member 2007-2009
House Elections Ethics and Rules Committee, Member 2005-2009
House Elections and Rules Committee, Vice-Chair 2005
House Interim Economic Development Committee, Member 2005-2006
House Interim Real Estate Agency Oversight Committee, Member 2005-2006
House Transportation Committee, Member 2005
House Judiciary Committee, Member 2005
Senate Workforce Committee 2015 - 2016
American Legislative Exchange Council, Member 2004-present
National Conference of State Legislatures, Member 2005-present
National Coalition of State Legislators for Legal Immigration, Co-Founder 2007
Oregon Commission for Women, Appointed 2005-2009


Senate Judiciary Committee 2015 to present (vice chair)
General Government and Accountability Committee 2016 to present.
Joint Legislative Audits Committee 2016 to present
Joint Interim Task Force On Testing of Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence Kits
Joint Interim Committee On Legislative Policy and Research


KT Contracting, Owner, President, Founded 1992
Highway Specialties, Owner, Manager, Founded 1996
Oregon Contractors Association, Co-Founder, Established 2003
National Federation of Independent Businesses, member 1997-present
Keizer Chamber of Commerce, 2005 –present
Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce, 2005 –present
U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce, 2005 -2007
National Association of Women in Construction Salem Chapter, 2005 –present
Building Industry Association of Washington, 2012-present
Oregon Concrete and Aggregate Producers Association, 1992-1997


SMART – Start Making a Reader Today, volunteer reader, 2006-2010
Barbara Roberts High School Mentor Program, 2006-2007
Church volunteer in various capacities since 1982 including, but not limited to, assistant librarian, Sunday School teacher, Pianist, Family
Services volunteer (assisting with adoptive placements), Emergency Preparedness / Provident Living specialist


Married to Karl Thatcher 29 years
Four children
Five grandchildren
Three dogs
Three cats
Instrument-Rated Certified Pilot, Single-engine Airplane
Hobbies include reading, playing piano, and travel


Source: Kim Thatcher for State Senate website: 

State Senator Alan Olsen: Special Session, A Self Created Emergency

On Wednesday, The Governor issued a proclamation calling lawmakers to convene May 21 in Salem. A legislative joint committee is expected to begin hearings on her tax plan next Wednesday. "According to a recent analysis by state economists, more than 75 percent of the benefit from Brown's tax plan would go to people who earn at least $200,000 a year." The kicker is that they estimate this tax break from the very recent tax increase she just signed into law will only benefit roughly 9000 Sole proprietor businesses out of the hundreds of thousands who just got their raw deal. My Democrat colleagues and Kate Brown really have their priorities all mixed up when it comes to supporting small businesses which are the backbone of Oregon's economy. Back in February as the 2018 short session was getting underway the House Democrats released their session agenda listing their top priorities with one being "Strengthening Our Economy" and to create a friendlier small business environment for Oregon. They stated "Every Oregonian should have the ability to achieve their American dream. That is why we will work to boost small businesses ..We are committed to advocating for policies that level the playing field " So what did they do to help foster a small business-friendly environment that in turn would also "strengthen our economy? They did the opposite and raised taxes on Oregon small businesses putting a bigger strain on them financially and hindering their ability to grow or succeed. Did they promote policies that "level the playing field?" No. They did the exact opposite once again by exempting the Big national C-Corporations from the tax increase SB 1528 imposed on the little guys. while making sure the big guys their Federal Tax break while also maintaining a lower business tax rate. Now they are proposing a tax break that is eligible to very few Sole proprietors and seems to be beneficial only to those who are already successful in their business and financially well off.

Time to Unite

By Traci Hensley
Clackamas County Republican Party Chair

Oregon City, OR – Our 2018 Primary Elections are over. We now have an excellent slate of nominees that will represent the Republican Party well in November, from national, state to local offices.

I would like to congratulate and thank every candidate who stepped up, putting their personal and professional lives on hold, as they spent countless hours reaching out to the voters of Oregon. Whether or not they prevailed, each candidate gave of themselves, putting their personal lives on display for all to see.

This year, most races ran civilly and smoothly. Other races appeared to have divided our Party in Oregon as the candidates’ loyal supporters became overzealous promoting and defending their candidates. As Ron Le Blanc, the CCRP Past Chair put it, “2018 Oregon Primary is like a family squabble, fighting over a family inheritance.” The ballots have been counted, and the estate has been settled.

It is time to stop the squabble. We must come together…WE MUST UNITE! These words from the bible describes it best, “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand”, Mark 3:25. As a party, we must not be divided if we are to succeed in November.

Our goal as the Republican Party is to defeat Kate Brown by electing a Republican Governor in her place, and to take back control of the state senate and house. The only way this is accomplished is as a united Republican Party, undivided, all supporting our Republican Nominee. Our personal values may not align with this person, but we must set aside our differences to stand united.

I challenge each nominee who won in the Primary to offer an olive branch to their competitors. I challenge each competitor to accept that olive branch and publicly endorse and rally their supporters to likewise back our Republican Nominees. We must publicly come together.

If we use the same energy and emotion to help our Republican Nominees that was used in the primaries, we can win the Governor’s seat, as well as take back control of the state senate and house.

The Clackamas County Central Committee is the highest party authority in the county and has sole authority to adopt rules/resolutions for all matters of the Clackamas County Republican Party.

Wednesday 05/3162018 6:00 AM PT
Contact CCRP Chair Traci Hensley