The Future of Oregon is in the Voter’s Hands

The future of Oregon is teetering on the edge of a Democrat “Super Majority” in both the State Senate and State House. What this means is dominance and absolute single party control. The Democrats could pass any legislation they desire without a single Republican vote. The Democrat agenda would be absolute with no recourse: new and higher taxes, gun control and confiscation, infringement on one’s personal beliefs, and much, much more.

The future of Oregon is in the hands of the Voter’s hands. This unchecked control in Oregon’s Senate and House can be stopped. It will require voters who normally do not vote to vote. It will require voters to vote their entire ballot, not just the top. And, it will require voters to vote for non-Democrat candidates who have a reasonable chance of winning their race.

Whether you like it or not, the Governor elected on Tuesday will be Pro-Choice. There is no question about that. The choice you do have as a voter, do you want a Governor who supports government funded abortions or not? Knute Buehler, the Republican candidate, does not support government funded abortions, nor does he support late term abortions. Kate Brown, however, supports both late term and government funded abortions.

Kate Brown has also made it clear, in her words, “Gun Safety”, but what she means, “gun control and confiscation” are priority items. She fully intends to strip away even more rights of Oregon gun owners. Buehler has been accused of being anti 2nd Amendment. His voting record as a legislator has proved this to be not true. Most of the gun legislation brought before the house he has voted to protect the gun owner’s rights. As a voter, do you want more rights removed?

There are other races on your ballot that are just as important: Senate, House, City Mayors and Councilors, state measures and more.

Because Oregon is on the cusp of un-checked control from a Democrat legislation, it is imperative that Republican legislators be elected. We, as voters, must as ourselves, do we want more and higher taxes, do we want our veterans take a back seat to those living here in Oregon illegally from other countries, and do we want our personal beliefs held in check? If the answer is no, voters must vote for the Republican Senate and House candidate to keep the Democrat agenda under control.

Republican candidates will need Independent, non-Affiliate Voters, Constitutionalists, Green and all the other parties support. Yes, even the support of Democrat voters. Many of our state legislators continue to be elected in Democrat controlled districts, so it can be done. Even Dennis Richardson won an office not held by a Republican for many, many years.

We all have personal beliefs, we all have pride and we all have convictions. But we all must be realistic as well. In Oregon, only a Republican or Democrat will be elected to a state office. It has nothing to do with beliefs, prejudices or politics. It is as simple as numbers. Democrats, Republicans and non-affiliated make up the vast majority of registered voters. To end the tyrannical rule of the Democrats in Oregon, ballots must be cast for Republicans. Votes for any other candidate or party virtually guarantees a Democrat controlled legislation.

All votes are important.

Vote for the Republican candidate to stop the Democrat agenda.

Remember, the future of Oregon is in the voter’s hands.


About the Author: Ron Le Blanc is the Past Chair of the Clackamas County Republican Party. He is also a small business owner and a retired Deputy Sheriff.

Standard Disclaimer: The opinions stated by the author may not be those of the Clackamas County Republican Party

Meet Your Candidate: Senator Chuck Thomsen, Senate District 26

A fourth-generation pear grower...

Chuck Thomsen graduated from Hood River High School in 1975, and Willamette University in 1979 (BA Political Science, Economics).

He and his wife, Kristi, live on the family farm in Hood River. They raised two daughters, Meagan and Mallory; have a son-in-law, David; and granddaughter, Aven.

Chuck recently retired from the Pine Grove Volunteer Fire Department after 31 years of service.  He was a longtime youth athletics coach, referee, and frequent volunteer throughout the community.

Chuck was appointed to the Hood River Planning Commission in 1990 for four years. He then served on the Hood River County Commission for 16 years, developing a nonpartisan, problem-solving approach to budgets and planning.

Senator Chuck Thomsen, a True Public Servant

Chuck Thomsen was first elected to the Oregon Senate in 2010. He has served tirelessly ever since, representing much of East Multnomah, Clackamas, and Hood River Counties. As a pear grower and former 16-year county commissioner, Thomsen brings a much-needed perspective to Salem.

Chuck quickly earned the reputation of an effective problem solver and hard worker. He freely hands out his cell phone number (below) and encourages any constituent to contact him with ideas or concerns they have – many issues solved through Sen. Thomsen's office began with a quick call or email.

If you are resident of Senate District 26, Please do not hesitate to give Sen. Thomsen a call at (541) 490-4641.

Priorities and Accomplishments

"Senator Thomsen quickly proved he could identify solutions, build consensus, and get results. His knack for building relationships enables him to be a leader in the Senate no matter which party is in charge."

— Former Senator Ted Ferrioli

Of all of Senator Chuck Thomsen’s accomplishments, the most important is that he has delivered on everything he originally campaigned for. His consistency in fiscal and policy decision-making has been a breath of fresh air.

Chuck has always had two major goals: Balance Oregon’s budget without raising taxes, and promote economic growth through a better job economy. His voting record in the Senate reflects that.

Enhancing K-12 and Higher Ed funding is Sen. Thomsen's #1 budget priority, and he now sits on the right committees to add more fuel to that effort. Current Salem "standard procedure" is to wait until the final weeks of session to pass the K-12 budget, which obviously strips away its potential funding levels over the months leading up to it. Chuck believes in funding schools early and robustly to avoid repeating that endless game parents and teachers are all too familiar with.


Source: Senator Chuck Thomsen website:

Meet Your Candidate: Senator Alan Olsen, SD 20

Senator Alan Olsen

Your State Senator Alan Olsen has represented the residents of Canby, Oregon City, Gladstone, Beavercreek and Estacada since 2010. Alan is an Army Veteran who has called this area home for 26 years. As a general contractor, Alan has built a business and created jobs in our community. Now as your State Senator, he is putting his experience rebuilding homes to work rebuilding Oregon. With a strong foundation built on jobs, education and support for our veterans Alan believes we can continue to rebuild opportunities for families across our state.

To the constituents of Senate District 20,

It has been an honor to represent you as Your State Senator in the Oregon Senate the past three years. I take my responsibility to represent you and your interests in Salem seriously and it has been a pleasure working with many of you during my first term in the State Senate. As residents of Canby for over 25 years, my wife Juanita and I have built a life for ourselves grounded in hard work, diligence, and commitment. In addition to my work in the legislature, I am a general contractor and small business owner building homes and structures across Oregon. I am also a veteran of the United States Army, serving from 1969 to 1971, and a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Oregon Bass Federation.

I first decided to run for office as Your State Senator one day while mowing the lawn at my home north of Canby. I knew that mere talk over morning coffee was not going to solve the problems facing all Oregonians: the growing need for jobs, stronger schools, and accountability in government. These three issues have been at the forefront of my work in the legislature during my first term as Your State Senator, and I look forward to continuing to create jobs and bring more transparency to your government in a second term.

Oregonians are honest, hard working, and resilient. While the economy continues to recover in some parts of the state, we still have a long way to go to give all Oregonians the opportunity to succeed. As a small business owner, I understand the challenge high taxes and uncertainty in regulations places on employers and workers. The legislature must create an economic climate in Oregon that will attract new industries and allow existing businesses to thrive. I will continue to focus on building a business friendly environment that will create more living wage jobs for Oregon families.

In my first term as Your State Senator, I supported a $7 million education budget that included reforms to make our Public Employees Retirement System more sustainable while providing higher funding for K-12 education, keeping your tax dollars where they belong: in the classroom. I also believe supporting our Veterans is our duty as citizens and as a state. Their service and dedication to our country represents the cornerstone of liberty, freedom, and our way of life. I serve on the Senate Committee on Veterans and Emergency Preparedness, and in 2013 sponsored and helped pass two important bills to support our Veterans. You can read more about my work in the legislature here.

As Your State Senator, my job is to advocate for the residents of Senate District 20. Let me know what issues are important to you and what you think needs to be done in Salem. You can reach me through my contact page. I look forward to hearing from you.

Alan Olsen
Your State Senator

Re-Elect Alan Olsen – Your State Senator Website