The legislature changed the law….the Governor and her staff failed to comply with it.

The abuse of her (Governor Kate Brown) office hiding lawful public records, and subsequently delaying or preventing justice for families, is unacceptable.

From the article:
"The delayed, brief review of his death reflects a widespread pattern that has emerged over the past year and a half. Department of Human Services officials have failed to meet legal deadlines to report child deaths and, when they finally have published them, excluded significant facts about most of the children's lives.

The governor's office said it did not ask the child welfare agency to delay reports highlighting the department's involvement in children's deaths."

This is twice in one month we've heard about an issue Governor Brown's office swears they didn't direct agency heads to withhold from the public....but the fact is, an election might look much different if voters had known this truth before their ballots arrived.
And to be clear...these are Governor Brown's hand-picked agency heads. If she really didn't direct them to withhold information from the public, then she should fire them for dereliction of duty.

The families who have lost a child in our DHS system, some of whom now have no redress because of these delays which have expired statutes of limitations, they deserved better than the corruption of a state agency that refuses to do its job or be transparent to the public.

What will the new supermajority do to hold DHS and Governor Brown accountable?

About the Author:
Julie Parrish, Oregon State Representative HD-37 (completing last term), force behind many measures and bills protecting Oregon citizens, students and veterans.

Article sources: Julie Parrish for Oregon District 37 Facebook Page. CLICK HERE
“Burried: The stet hides how children die on Oregon’s watch” Article from The Oregonian: CLICK HERE

Standard Disclaimer: The opinions stated by the author do not necessarily reflect those of the Clackamas County Republican Party.

The Future of Oregon is in the Voter’s Hands

The future of Oregon is teetering on the edge of a Democrat “Super Majority” in both the State Senate and State House. What this means is dominance and absolute single party control. The Democrats could pass any legislation they desire without a single Republican vote. The Democrat agenda would be absolute with no recourse: new and higher taxes, gun control and confiscation, infringement on one’s personal beliefs, and much, much more.

The future of Oregon is in the hands of the Voter’s hands. This unchecked control in Oregon’s Senate and House can be stopped. It will require voters who normally do not vote to vote. It will require voters to vote their entire ballot, not just the top. And, it will require voters to vote for non-Democrat candidates who have a reasonable chance of winning their race.

Whether you like it or not, the Governor elected on Tuesday will be Pro-Choice. There is no question about that. The choice you do have as a voter, do you want a Governor who supports government funded abortions or not? Knute Buehler, the Republican candidate, does not support government funded abortions, nor does he support late term abortions. Kate Brown, however, supports both late term and government funded abortions.

Kate Brown has also made it clear, in her words, “Gun Safety”, but what she means, “gun control and confiscation” are priority items. She fully intends to strip away even more rights of Oregon gun owners. Buehler has been accused of being anti 2nd Amendment. His voting record as a legislator has proved this to be not true. Most of the gun legislation brought before the house he has voted to protect the gun owner’s rights. As a voter, do you want more rights removed?

There are other races on your ballot that are just as important: Senate, House, City Mayors and Councilors, state measures and more.

Because Oregon is on the cusp of un-checked control from a Democrat legislation, it is imperative that Republican legislators be elected. We, as voters, must as ourselves, do we want more and higher taxes, do we want our veterans take a back seat to those living here in Oregon illegally from other countries, and do we want our personal beliefs held in check? If the answer is no, voters must vote for the Republican Senate and House candidate to keep the Democrat agenda under control.

Republican candidates will need Independent, non-Affiliate Voters, Constitutionalists, Green and all the other parties support. Yes, even the support of Democrat voters. Many of our state legislators continue to be elected in Democrat controlled districts, so it can be done. Even Dennis Richardson won an office not held by a Republican for many, many years.

We all have personal beliefs, we all have pride and we all have convictions. But we all must be realistic as well. In Oregon, only a Republican or Democrat will be elected to a state office. It has nothing to do with beliefs, prejudices or politics. It is as simple as numbers. Democrats, Republicans and non-affiliated make up the vast majority of registered voters. To end the tyrannical rule of the Democrats in Oregon, ballots must be cast for Republicans. Votes for any other candidate or party virtually guarantees a Democrat controlled legislation.

All votes are important.

Vote for the Republican candidate to stop the Democrat agenda.

Remember, the future of Oregon is in the voter’s hands.


About the Author: Ron Le Blanc is the Past Chair of the Clackamas County Republican Party. He is also a small business owner and a retired Deputy Sheriff.

Standard Disclaimer: The opinions stated by the author may not be those of the Clackamas County Republican Party

Meet your Candidate: Josh Hill, House District 40

A New Oregon Vision.

I understand the struggles of everyday Oregonians because that is my story.

After losing our parents at a young age, my brother and I were raised by our grandparents. My grandfather, a Marine, instilled in me a sense of pride and purpose which inspired me to enlist in the Air Force. After moving back to Oregon to take care of my ailing grandparents, I started working at a small business in Oregon’s wine industry.

Early on, my brother and I learned some tough truths. However, through it all, we found that we would always be alright if we had a roof over our head, a shot at a quality education, and the comfort of our family’s safety. Unfortunately, for many Oregonians, these basic necessities are often out of reach.

I’m running for State Representative because I believe our state government needs a new vision led by a new generation of Oregon leaders. We need leaders who understand the challenges facing Oregonians, who will focus on our future, and who are not afraid to upset that status quo in our State Capitol.

I’m ready to be that kind of leader for our community.

Affordable Housing.

When we had no one else to turn to, my brother and I were fortunate enough to have the warm embrace of our grandparents who raised us and kept a roof over our heads. But for so many in Oregon, housing is too expensive and eating up more and more of our paychecks, sometimes making home ownership impossible for young people and seniors.

We must do more to meet the demand of affordable housing for the next generation of Oregonians by streamlining the cumbersome process of new house and apartment construction. In Salem, I'll make it a priority to work for smart growth legislation to promote affordable housing and control skyrocketing rents.


I would not be where I am today without the support of so many amazing teachers along the way. I know that my ability to rise up out of adversity was directly tied to the quality of my education. I want to make sure every Oregon student has an equal opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Unfortunately, too many students are being left behind by an education system that seems mired in mediocrity. For years now, we have poured more and more into our schools hoping that would lead to better outcomes in the classroom. It hasn’t. The latest national statistics show that Oregon has one of the worst high school graduation rates in the country. We must do better.

Instead of simply throwing more money at the problem, I’ll work to address the root causes of the issues plaguing our education system. It’s time for major reforms. I will help revitalize our schools by restoring local control so parents and teachers are empowered to make the right decisions for our students, including increased investment in career-ready technical and vocational education in our high schools.

Drug Abuse and the Opioid Crisis.

The opioid epidemic has ravaged our nation, and Oregon is no exception. When I was born, my father was already in prison for drug-related charges and a year later my mother was murdered. The opioid crisis has touched far too many, and for me, it is deeply personal.

I will fight tooth and nail to combat the opioid and drug crisis in our community by holding pharmaceutical companies accountable for their business practices, keeping drugs out of our schools by punishing dealers and providing greater support for those struggling with addiction.

Health Care.

Every Oregonian deserves access to health care. While our state’s uninsured rate continues to decline, the cost of obtaining health insurance continues to increase. Oregonians should not be forced to choose between putting food on the table or receiving medical care.

I will work to preserve access to health care for low-income Oregonians, expand coverage options for women and vulnerable populations, and demand price transparency from insurance companies and drug manufacturers.

Oregon's Spending Problem.

Oregon doesn't have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. In the past decade, our lawmakers have approved billions of dollars in new taxes with little to show for it. While our current leaders seem to believe we can tax our way to a better tomorrow, I believe Oregonians are better served by a government that respects taxpayers and works to streamline budgets.

As your State Representative, I will balance the state budget by fighting for fiscal discipline and without raising taxes.


Source: Josh Hill for State Representative website: