Be an Informed Voter: Learn the Facts

The November Mid-term Election is just around the corner. Many people have already decided how they will vote, and many have not. Whichever category you fall into, be informed about your candidate or measure. Learn the facts supporting your decision.

Where do I get the facts?

There are a few places to look. One such place is a Pulitzer Prize winning fact check website, Their link is Their website states, “PolitiFact is an independent fact-checking journalism website aimed at bringing you the truth in politics.”

History is a good indicator of the future. Look into a Candidate’s past. If they are an incumbent, what was their voting history, what bills did they introduce or support, and did they cater to special interest groups. Personal background is just as important: a person’s personal behavior can demonstrate how they will act while in office.

Attend candidate forums. You will have the opportunity to listen to candidates speak for themselves. Sometimes, you may have the opportunity to speak to the candidate in person.

When it comes to Ballot Measures, it is often a good idea to read the entire measure as it is written.

Who can I believe?

We often look to the newspapers for news. But it seems these days true news is no longer being reported, but a reporter’s, or the editorial staff’s opinions often taints the reality of the news we read or see.

If you seek out a friend’s advice, ask their source. Is it opinion, or are the “facts” they are stating coming from a credible source.

Many people search out such websites as Wikipedia and Snopes. Neither is a reliable source. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that is based upon public submissions. So called facts on this site can change daily depending on submissions of the online users. As for Snopes, this website has been proven to lean toward the liberal side when stating their opinion of the facts. This site is run solely by a husband and wife team with no investigative experience and liberal leaning tendencies.

The Clackamas County Republican Party does its best to bring you unbiased, fact based information. You can find more information from their website at

In conclusion:

It is easy to vote with your heart, your emotions. But an efficient, well governed body must set aside their emotions, their personal interests, as difficult as that may be. Your candidate of choice must make decisions that are best for the wellbeing of the nation, each state, and your city. Sometimes we need to take a deep breath, be realistic as to what would be nice to have versus what we need to have.

Take a long look at the candidates that are running for office this November. Are they tugging at your heart strings, or are they being realistic as to what is best for you, your city, our state and country. If you answer this honestly, your decision will be to support the Republican Candidate on your ballot.

Author: Ron Le Blanc. Past Chair of the Clackamas County Republican Party


Standard Disclaimer: Opinions and statements may not expressed in this article may not be those of the Clackamas County Republican Party.